Amy L


Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, 200hrs

Several years ago, Amy started taking yoga classes to balance the effect of marathon training had on her body.  By doing yoga, she learned to manage those injuries and still enjoy a good run.  By adding yoga to her routine she also gained calmness and awareness in other aspects of her life.  After several years of practice, she wanted to learn more and why.  To do this, Amy did her teacher training at Circle Yoga in DC.  Now her yoga practice compliments hobbies such as hiking and spinning as well as balancing the stresses of work and life in general.  To Amy, her yoga practice is a balance of stretching and strengthening the body and learning how to be present.  She hopes that her classes can be a step in this direction for her students.  Her classes are typically flow and contain hints of Amy's interest in alignment and restorative yoga.