We think humans are a valuable resource, too.

Whether you are a company or campus department or a student organization, Numi Yoga has something to help you care for your people and even do a little good for the broader community as well.

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Just for you.

We all need to take care of our teams.  Yoga offers great benefits for the physical body and also helps to reduce stress and increase clarity and presence of mind so your team can be more effective.  Reserve an hour or two at Numi for a private yoga class - just for your group.  We can help meet your unique needs in a beautiful and calm space away from the normal workday.


Where you are.

Our instructors have years of experience and hundreds of hours of training in different specialties.  Let us find you a good fit and send someone to you for on-site yoga.  Your team gets an opportunity for wellness and a break without any worry about changing locations.  

We promise you won't be disappointed.


Do some (greater) good.

Together we are more.  Rent our space (with mats, props, and an instructor) and host a fundraiser class for your company or group's favorite good cause.  Numi wants to partner with you to give back.

Feel better in your body and give with your heart.