Infant Massage used to be an art passed down from generation to generation. It is through touch that infants learn how to communicate, foster positive attachment to their caretakers, and understand that they are respected and their emotions are validated. Through nurturing touch parents also learn to read baby's cues, understand their cries and alertness states and develop communication with their babies on a physical, verbal and intuitive level. 

During this four week series you will learn various massage techniques for baby which blend styles of Swedish massage, Indian massage, and yoga. You will have the opportunity to practice on baby dolls if your baby is asleep. You will also learn about the benefits of nurturing touch, enhance bonding with your child, and grow communication skills in various dimensions.

Each week we will have time for a guided discussion to connect to other families, review the massage strokes from previous weeks and address any questions that have come up. During our last class together, you will also learn adaptations for older siblings (or the growing child), rhymes and riddles to sing to baby and a little celebration potluck! 

This class is entirely baby-led. The best lesson massage teaches us is how to listen to one another and to our children. Holding a baby who is upset, nursing, or changing a diaper are all encouraged and honored and there will be comfortable space for you to do all that you need to make sure baby is happy. We will review strokes and provide worksheets of all of the songs and massages so that all parent couples are caught up each week. 

Ages: Infants 6 weeks- precrawling

Workshop Dates: 
November 18,  December 2,9,16 on Sundays from 4:30-6:00pm

Price: Donation of 125-150 dollars for four weeks of class
**Includes complementary bottle of organic cold-pressed digestible oil, packets and folders with information, research and all of the strokes covered during class

Baby dolls will be available to practice on in case your little one falls asleep

Ronit (Roni) Zelivinski has been a Certified Educator of Infant Massage through Infant Massage USA since 2014. Roni is also a Registered Nurse, Certified Doula, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Midwifery Student with the George Washington University. Roni is passionate about connecting with humans of all ages and providing holistic, non-judgmental, and evidence based care to facilitate optimal health, fertility and wellness throughout the lifespan- beginning with preconception. 

You can contact Roni with any and all questions at: