moms FUEL the world.

You keep your everyone's worlds running - all at the same time.  Take a deep breath.  We appreciate you!  NUMI Yoga is here to support you with special classes and events just for Moms - to make sure you have your best self awake for every crazy, beautiful moment.


Mom Time.

We know you have a lot on your plate. We want to work with you to give you the time you need to be in your body and renew your mind.  NUMI Yoga has classes built around kids' schedules. Did you know that many of our daytime teachers are also parents?  And, we're right across the street from CP Nursery School.  Come on over and take care of YOU.  

And, if you have different schedule needs or just want some one-on-one attention, we have premier facilities and instructors available for private yoga lessons.  Let NUMI Yoga help replenish your source so you can continue to shine.


The More, the Merrier.

Sometimes it is hard to get to the mat (or gym, or run) alone.  What if you and your friend had a weekly yoga class date followed by some fresh juice from our fridge?  Maybe your running club catches the Saturday morning class together each week.  Or, maybe you need yoga to be part of your date night with your partner because you both need some inward time, but together.  

NUMI Yoga has bundled membership rates just for you.  Friends, partners, or families will find extra value by sticking together.


Expanding Your Nest.

Your hormones do a lot of work, too.  From monthly cycles to conception and pregnancy, women embody the cyclicality of nature.  As we physically change over time, we can support those changes on a physical, hormonal and nervous system level with yoga.  

Whether you are looking to conceive, support a pregnancy, or keep your hormones happy through a lifetime, NUMI Yoga has prenatal classes and women's health workshops designed especially for your body's needs.  We also offer kid's and family yoga classes once a month - join us for some bonding and breath.