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Wild Herbal Teas 

Saturday, February 25th, 2-3:30p with Sarah Sorci

There is a world of edible and medicinal plants growing right outside our doors. Community Herbalist Sarah Sorci will introduce us to several wild, weedy species that make delicious teas. Learn to identify, sustainably harvest, and properly prepare stinging nettles, self-heal, burdock root, and more. After sampling each tea, participants will design and take home their own nutritious tea blend. 

Cost includes samples, supplies, and handouts.  

Sarah Sorci is a 2014 graduate of the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine's Holistic Herbalism program. She is the owner of Sweet Flag Herbal CSA (Community Supported Apothecary), offering monthly shares, educational workshops, and wellness consultations. She is an Associate Academy Educator for the Herbal Academy, and coordinator of Greystone Nature Preserve's Native Medicinal Plant Trail in Fredonia, NY. Her background in organic farming, horticultural therapy, cooking and nutrition shape her work in western NY. Visit her website at www.sweetflagherbs.com.

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