At Numi, we know that your life, and your yoga practice, can change season to season - so we have some options here.  Our class descriptions will help guide you to a style you love and then you'll want to check out a few teachers to find your fit.  


For the yogis who ask, "How do I do this?" and "Why?".  Learn all the technique, alignment and actions behind your favorite (and not-so-favorite) poses and use these skills to advance your practice and add intention to your movement.  Consider this a weekday workshop!


These classes may incorporate elements of vinyasa flow, alignment, pilates, strength work, and natural movement that will have you moving on and off your mat.


Mindful movements, breathing techniques, and guided meditation to start your weekend. Classes will blend slow flow, yin, and restorative yoga elements to create grounding and rest.  Sometimes there will be soft music, sometimes silence.  Set a restful and restorative tone for your weekend and purpose for your week ahead with this all-levels class.  This class is great for stress relief and bringing stability to your nervous system.


This class will have participants seated in a chair or standing near it and using it for balance or support.  Students do not need to be able to get up and down from the floor.  Poses will invite gentle opening and exercises that build strength.  Classes will also include work with the breath and guided relaxation.  Class size is limited by the number of chairs - please register! Read more about the benefits of chair yoga on physical, mental, and social wellbeing.


A class in the vinyasa tradition: Move with your breath in this moderate to fast paced vinyasa flow style class.  Expect to move through a range of poses to build strength and heat in your body.  Instructors will add a soundtrack and inspiration.  This class will energize you after (or before!) a day of studying or working at a desk.   Class temperatures in the 70s unless marked “Hot” - and then it’s in the 90s! Flow classes are athletic and move students through a full range of movements.


This flow class will begin with a flow to warm up and move into playing with drills to build "flying" poses like arm balances, inversions, and big backbends.  No beginners, please.  A willingness to work at your own level (rather than full expressions of the pose) is needed! These classes are athletic and require strong wrists or a knowledge of how to modify your work.


This form focused class delves deep into the basic postures of yoga with information about how to modify around injuries or stiffness as well as ways to deepen and expand in these "everyday" yoga poses. Great for beginners or any student who likes to learn more about foundational postures.


Teachers and styles may vary.  Join us to practice compassionately knowing and guiding our minds to presence. We have cushions and chairs to sit on. Meditation can help you focus and calm your mind in the midst of our busy, noisy lives.


Join us in the studio for free time to practice, meditate, study or relax.  Enjoy the space with access to all our props.  Free access for any yoga lover comfortable leading their own practice.


This class is geared especially for women in pregnancy to honor and support their changing body and needs. Students new to yoga are welcome. We’ll focus on poses, breath, and information that will help you have a healthy pregnancy and empowered birth experience. Expect to use props (and our knowledgeable instructors!) to support your poses and rest.


In this relaxing class, we will ease into each pose and use simple meditation techniques to guide our awareness.  We spend most of our time in floor-based postures, staying in each one long enough to allow for truly restorative opening and relaxation.  This slower-paced session can be a great introduction to yoga or provide much-needed self-care.  Dressing in light layers is recommended.


Expect longer holds of poses to encourage slow opening of the fascia in the body.  The longer holds require a great mental tenacity to stay present and open.  This class is a great compliment to the life of an athlete to help maintain mobility.  Yin poses are often used to stimulate internal restoration and meridian channels.  

Note: Classes are 45 to 75 minutes in length (check the schedule).  Classes labeled L2 are Level 2.  Level 2 classes will work on challenging poses like arm balances and inversions, deep twists and bigger backbends.  Students are recommended to be able to kick up to handstand at the wall and push up to full wheel unassisted - or at least have a sense of humor and commitment to stop at a safe + effective place of practice. No beginners at these classes, please.


Do you have a time during the week you want to see something specific?  Share your thoughts.  

Benefits of Yoga

A regular yoga practice has multiple benefits:

  • Mobility and Strength: Isometric and Eccentric Contractions are key to creating long term change in the body’s strength and flexibility. You will see changes if you practice 2-3 times a week (read more).

  • Ease in your Body: Being able to move with strength through larger ranges of motion in your joints can support fitness goals and movement for your everyday life (read more)!

  • Stress relief: students (and studies!) report that the physical movement, breathing techniques, and restoration they feel after class helps them manage their stress levels

  • Concentration: paying attention to each movement can train our minds to focus on the one thing in front of us instead of being distracted (read more).

  • Community: Our instructors and students enjoy interaction in the classroom and in the community - build friendships and connections with us!