What does Numi mean?

Numi is a combination word created by our founder.  One word has its roots in "aptitude" and "strength" - the natural abilities we bring to our lives and mats.  The other word is rooted in "guidance" which can be found in community, in a teacher, or in our belief systems.  This combination of what we bring to the mat and how we are supported by in community + teacher is manifest in our practice.

I'm new to yoga...

We encourage our new students to begin with our Wednesday night Align - Foundations class.  There is plenty to learn there and it will help you feel comfortable approaching faster paced classes with knowledge about how to support and modify your personal practice.  Another option would be our Saturday morning Calm class.

Do I need to pre-register?

The short answer is no.  We always leave room for drop ins.  If registering for class is helpful for you and keeps you accountable, please do.  If you are running late, having your name on the list can help us save a spot for you with less disruption or keep us from locking the door.  Our scheduling system is there to help you but not limit your yoga experience!

How do i access my account?

Click on Account Access at the bottom of our website at any time to log in.  You should remain logged in for future use.  If you are a first time user for your account you'll have to click "forgot password" and follow instructions from there to reclaim your account.

What if I have an Injury or special condition?

If you have an injury or special condition, please consult first with your doctor or care provider about when it is appropriate to add physical activity like yoga.  We encourage everyone to build slowly after any restriction in movement.  Join our Calm class or Align - Foundations first.  If you can come early to class, our teachers would love to hear about what movements work for you and help you make adjustments to your practice.

What do I need to bring or wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing and feel free to bring a water bottle.  We have room to store your bags and phone or any personal items.  We provide yoga mats and all the props you will need to assist and inform your practice.  We also have water, cups, and tea available free of charge.

Does my pass expire/end?

Class packs have expiration dates. If you have an injury or illness that significantly delays your use of your classes, we’re happy to work with you to find a solution - just send us an email to start the conversation. If you have a recurring membership, you will need to email us to end it (with 30 days notice).