why do a yoga teacher training?

In a world of drop-in yoga classes amidst a busy lifestyle, sometimes the depth is hard to get to.  That's why we've designed our 200 hour training to have an abundance of direct training hours (way over the minimum), span eight months to give you time to gain depth in your understanding, skills, and relationships, and we are bringing in some expert guest teachers to offer what we think is the very best alignment and flow yoga training in the area.

Yoga is a practice rooted in another time and culture and yet there are some distinctly modern elements in today's yoga class.  Think about when Virabhadrasana 1 and Beyonce coexist in a classroom in College Park.  Over our training, we want to ask the questions: Where is this expression of yoga coming from?  What have we taken from it's roots and how have we changed it?  What is of service to me particularly from this tradition?  What is it that I'm teaching/practicing/sharing and why? 

If you are looking for depth in your study and practice, feel like your yoga practice is awakening something new in you that you want to explore, or know that you want to be a yoga teacher already - we'd love to have you apply for a spot in our 2018-2019 teacher training cohort.

2018-2019 Weekend Dates:

September 8-9, October 6-7, November 10-11, December 8, January 19-21, February 16-17, April 13-14, May 4 

Why do your teacher training at Numi?

- Lead Teachers are awesome - training/experience/styles of flow and form (and contemplation/inner study) to build your teaching from a great foundation - no matter your passion.  Sarah E-RYT200 with 7 years, Kelsey E-RYT200, 500RYT with 4 years

- Kick Ass guest teachers: Laura Teal, Christina Sell, and...

- Long format for community building and time to soak in teachings and practice instructing

- Lots of teacher trainings are cheap and quick - we want to offer you MORE / mentorship option??

- Opportunities to teach a community class here afterwards

- Community at Numi

- Unlimited Classes during training

We care about our community.  Since we began, we learn each other's names.  We clean up our props together.  We are curious about all the aspects and styles of yoga.  Your lead instructors are avid learners and have lots of extra training and years of teaching experience to share with you.  Plus, we are there with you in your weekly practice, to journey along the way.  

What does the coursework include?

We're registered with Yoga Alliance and using their guidelines for 200 hours of training which means you can expect:

Techniques, Training, and Practice (100 hrs):   Learn the ins and outs of each pose and its alignment options, its benefits and contraindications, how to modify poses for all levels, and how to use props to advance our work in the pose.  We'll learn the "rules" of yoga and then talk about how to intelligently break the rules and creatively sequence for peak poses, understanding key actions, and working with different populations.

Teaching Methodology (25 hrs):  Discover the teacher already within you and develop your voice as a teacher for others.  Build tools about how to clearly communicate in the classroom - teaching to different learning styles, clarifying verbal cues, skillfully using demonstrations, supportive hands-on-assists, and using props.  Learn some of the different lineages in asana practice and how to teach different styles such as Align, Flow, Power, Restorative, and Yin.  We'll practice guiding one another through sequences, teaching groups of friends, and offering community classes to the Numi network.  (assists? privates?)

Anatomy and Physiology (20 hrs):  Dive into the muscles and bones within the pose and use these disciplines to understand what is happening at different layers within the body as we move.  We'll come from an applied kinesiology approach to movement and biomechanics to inform what we are doing in asana and why.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics for Teachers (30 hrs):  Read some of the classic texts in yoga and apply the philosophical principles to your life in a way that you can authentically share.  We'll discuss these ancient principles in modern contexts and apply lifestyle choices and ethical behaviors to the role of being a yoga teacher in a public classroom or private lesson setting.   Explore the practices beyond asana like mantra, meditation, pranayama, and contemplative arts to support your journey inward.  

Practicum (10 hrs):  Put your work into action by observing, assisting, and teaching in our public classes at Numi Yoga (and beyond!).  

What is the schedule and cost?

We're glad you asked!  We're meeting on weekends over 8 months (September 8-9, October 6-7, November 10-11, December 8, January 19-21, February 16-17, April 13-14, May 4).  December 8th will just be Saturday because the holidays are a busy time for people and we'll grab an extra day for MLK Jr. weekend.  May 4th is graduation and is a celebration day together!

Full tuition investment is $3100 and due with this application by September 1, 2018.  Payment plans are available as 7 monthly installments of $465.  Early bird pricing is $2700 if deposit is received by April 1, 2018.  Deposits of $600 save your spot and your rate.

Course materials: Students will be provided with a training manual and be required to read the following books - purchasing is optional but recommended (used copies are usually available online):

Ongoing Guidance

Additionally, Sarah and Kelsey want to help you grow as a new teacher.  As a graduate, sign up mentorship after you graduate: